the end is near- hannah montana causing seizures

Teen sensation Hannah Montana makes a Florida girl shake all over. The problem: She can't make it stop.

Certain sounds -- barking dogs, the clash of cymbals and a song by the alter ego of celebrity offspring Miley Cyrus -- all trigger seizures in the girl, making her body shake and jerk forward. -randy dotinga of msnbc

there used to be a time when I felt delirious as if the universe punished me randomly for living such a boring life by showing me hannah montana's face everywhere. she's on tv, on streets, on bus stops, on bags, on pencil cases, on lunch boxes, on shirts, on towels, on toys, on your sister's room, and oh christ, even on your food. hell yeah, i swear i almost had seizures with her presence everywhere. but still, lucky me. i was able to resist hannah montana's powers and i haven't succumbed to any seizure attack yet.

one of the weirdest looking hannah montana merchandise out there. the hannah montana fetus guitar.

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Unknown said...

That thing actually looked like a shrunken penis to me. But with a mouth as wide as that, I think that gummy would be a chokester in no time.

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