life in the city without baseball- isn’t it like fireworks?

at the city without baseball proving the worth of your existence requires hard work and perseverance. you have to own it and make it happen if you want to prove something to yourself and to the world.

in the 2008 movie city without baseball, director lawrence ah mon presents an interplay of real-life stories of the underrated baseball players in hong kong.
there is a story about a guy whose life is ruled by inferiority complex. there is a story about the team captain who keeps encouraging his team. there is the story about the best buddy. there is the story about the pitcher. there is the story about the suicidal. there are notes about dead singers. there is a story about the fickle minded partner. there is a story about love at first sight. there are stories of failure. there are stories about hope. there are stories about unrecognized and undermined baseball players.

this movie is filled with stories that are like fireworks shot to the skies of hong kong to shine, to entertain, to give light, to prove its worth, and to establish its existence even for a short period of time. some creates a huge explosion, some shines brighter than the others, some creates vivid colorful patterns, while some explodes fast and just blend in to the smoke and fade instantly to the background.

directed by lawrence ah mon
produced by heman peng
written by danny cheng wan cheung (preferred name: 'scud')
starring ron heung tze chun
yu chung leung
yuan lin
john tai ji-ching
monie tung man-lee
music by eugene pao
cinematography ying zhang

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