from the window box to the heart

when flashbacks of early college memories came to me this morning, i saw how it used to be a small green creature that climbs into almost anything it can embrace. it was as if each day, it stretches itself to reach for the window. it was as if each progress to catch a glimpse of you means to feel even the slightest warmth of sunlight. it is such a remarkable plant. it reminded me of our ever persistent botany professor who never failed to remind us of the importance of plants in this planet as well as the advantages of having window boxes for your plants. he died before the semester ended.

the common name and scientific name of the persistent green crawler escaped me long time ago. all i knew was that a couple of months after you noticed the plant as it climbed up your window, upstaging all the other plants and flowers planted on your lawn, you immediately thought of getting those window box planters for your plants.

somehow you did it as a kind of homage to our dear college botany professor who keeps on egging us to get those window boxes, but i knew you did it for the persistent green crawler who you knew would do anything just to get a glimpse of you. if the plant reminded me of our dead botany prof, i am sure that its symbolic persistence sends you to the nostalgic era when a certain man persistently pursued his way to get a glimpse of your smile despite your hardcore busy schedule. the man died in an accident before he can even tell you that he likes you.

today, it is evident how the small green crawler bloomed into a beautiful plant in the flower window boxes that you installed near your window. it not only adds flair, color, fragrance and style to the overall landscape of your house, but also makes your plants look happier. the symbolic transfer of the plant from your lawn up to one of the window boxes that you installed somehow compensates for the lost connections that we used to have with the persistent people in our lives.

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