atomic number 79

gold coins are not just artifacts of trading from ancient civilizations or mere items from works of fiction. gold coins are real. believe it or not, gold coins still exist in this fast-paced age of changing trade patterns. but see, gold coins are not just used for mere business purposes. many people spot gold to complete their portfolios, many people look for varying gold spot around the globe for investment, and some people seeks the element regardless of the gold price for personal satisfaction.

perhaps the solid and the bright, enticing characteristics of gold gave it the reputation as a symbol of wealth and power. pure gold has a real bright yellow color and luster that maintains its characteristics without oxidizing in air or water.

the latin word aurum that means shining dawn is attributed to gold. because of this, many may think that gold means hope. for others, its shiny characteristics may also mean blindness.

regardless of whatever meaning civilizations may attribute to gold, it will still remain as a symbol of wealth and power. gold prices nowadays vary depending on the size, type, shape and other factors. the price of gold will always be relative to the purity and the craftsmanship embedded within its elements.

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lucas said...

that's nice to know :)

but i'm not a fan of gold as an accessory. mas gusto ko ang silver.

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