doing the car connection

despite all the money that i think i can save from taking the subway train and the bus each day, i still have high hopes that in the very near future, i will most probably have my own vehicle. may it be a car, an suv, a truck or a jeep. the type doesn’t really matter much but any sportscar or any sports utility vehicle top my list.

i could vie for a mazda mx-5 miata, which looks hot on the highway especially if it’s in blazing red color. what a stunner. on the otherhand, the jeep liberty can be a good choice if you’re always on the go. the build looks great and sturdy that comes with an off-road capability. this vehicle is for the win!

for more power saving capability and a more nature friendly vehicle, i might consider getting the nissan leaf. it is one of the two pure electric powered cars offered in the us. the wheels of this baby will be powered by one or more electric motors rather than mechanical drives. this one doesn’t look that hot on the eyes but its energy and power saving efficiency will be its most valuable qualities. this car will most probably cost you a fortune to purchase but it might give you better opportunities to save in the future. hello gas-less travel!

there’s another vehicle i saw on website that might be great for our family outdoor activities. it is the classy looking black chevy hhr. the body looks large and the interior looks roomy as well. although, according to some users, there are quite a few drawbacks to this vehicle such as the limited 4 speed transmissions only, the tight headroom, the small gauges, etc. i still think that if given the chance and lots of money, i will get myself one of these. i really love the black color. perfect for you and your entourage on a group movie date or on late party arrivals. for me, this vehicle is also for the win!

anyways, there’s no harm in wishful thinking (blogging). and thanks to website, i can browse all the cars, suv and trucks and other vehicles that i want complete with customer reviews and ratings.

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