no one mourns the wicked

after reading gregory maguire’s wicked: the life and times of the wicked witch of the west, i found a new line of respect for elphaba. i loved her since i saw her singing defying gravity from the broadway musical, but my fondness for her increased after reading and learning more about her character. she was cunning, smart, sharp, quick, witty, sensual, and strong. she is a unique creature of different worlds. she is a daughter, a sister, a lover, an activist, a revolutionary, a witch, a friend and a mother. she is indeed more colorful than the monotonous green of her skin.

wicked: the life and times of the wicked witch of the west is a high contrast novel about the land of oz and their hope, soul, consciousness, love, greed, hate and everything else in between. it is gregory maguire’s version of l frank baum’s the wonderful wizard of oz. the story is presented in the perspective of the witches of oz.

i like how it incorporated theology, religion, philosophy, human and animal rights, politics and sex into its pages of adventures and magic.

unlike wicked the musical, this novel is not geared for kids.

the novel is wickedly filled with winner sarcastic lines thrown by most of the characters especially the wicked witch of the west. it is enchanting. it is cunning and it charming in many aspects. ok, time to turn the pages of the second novel in the wicked years series: the son of a witch.

“and there the wicked old witch stayed for a good long time.”
“and did she ever come out?”
“not yet.”

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