melts in your mind, not in your hands

dad and i kicked the first the day of the year with the wax figures of celebrities at madam tussauds.

the museum tour was fun. you are free to roam around and you can pose and interact as much as you like with the life-like wax figures of your favorite celebrities. no, they don't melt to touch. props are provided for your own pleasure.

some of the notable wax figures like that of marlon brando, steve mcqueen, elton john, britney spears, and jack nicholson looked so real that it was creepy. it's as if the only thing missing in them is a soul.

this is madam tussaud's portrait displayed in the museum

good thing there is no highly controversial wax figure present in there. therefore, no ripping of any of the wax figures' heads occurred. 

most people are tamed, having a good time goofing around and taking pictures of their favorite celebs.



lucas said...

i visited the wax museum when was 7, and i remember being so terrified of the wax figures. i found them strangely creepy...

Anonymous said...

nakakainggit! :D

Unknown said...

For a moment there I really thought those pictures were real. It is kinda creepy.

New Tone said...

I got a new blogspot. :) wala na yung

apir. :D

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