the internet as an avenue for monologues to the self

michael jackson look-alike walking silently among the sea of people at hollywood

kt tunstall’s boo hoo serenades my ears the whole weekend.

as having you here
as knowing you're near
as feeling you there
as knowing you care
as whispering in your ear
as my hand through your hair
as knowing you're there
yes, i miss you, bad.


when the news of fernando poe jr’s death reached me, i was in front of the computer, tweaking my blog template, doing my usual blog rounds, laughing with kel, and surfing the internet while doing my ten-paged short story paper to be passed at ten in the morning.

when michael jackson was rushed to the hospital, i was in front of the computer, pretending to be busy, secretly doing some blog rounds, and checking google, msn and what have you for updates. just minutes later, the fm tradio announced his death. i was checking some credible sources at the internet back then while encoding data and dealing with lots of numbers needed at the end of the day.

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Jerick said...

hi boss.

-also doing my blogging undiscreetly at the office right now.

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