two bodies, devoid of any clothes, free from the labels of a face, travels the speed of light coming from no particular direction and are bound to hit each other as if each particular entity is an opposite pole of a magnet.

this episode happens at the universe of the subconscious, the realm of the r-e-m as most psychologists would call it.

in less than a fraction of a second, the bodies collide. one skin punctures the other’s skin. muscles, tendons, ligaments and veins embrace each other like complex motherboard circuits gone haywire. the bodies embrace. hearts pound incessantly, screaming freedom from its cage. chests crashed on each other.

for a split second i thought i heard the most incomprehensible sound that my auditory nerves can take. there should have been a loud bang. huge explosions like those should have caused a massive impact on the ears. seemingly interplanetary collisions should be grand, must be totally explosive, but there is only silence.

it is one of the most serene episodes that occurred at r-e-m.

this bigbang, more like a grander version of colliding particles inside a large hadron collider, creates ripples of peace in the mind, the heart, the body and the spirit. as you see the skin being ripped apart from each other, as you witness ribcages crashing, as you see hearts emerge from their crimson bath of blood, bursting upon each movement, upon each beat, as you see stray veins fly on almost all directions, and as you witness the union of the bodies, you’ll feel a virgin sense of tranquility inside- this sense of tranquility pristine in all aspects, making you feel elated, high, in nirvana. sex does not even come close to this phenomenon.

after the peace, you see a new creation- a full heart from hearts in embrace. a new heart, actually; a heart that was born from the collision of two hearts. like a new planet, or perhaps a primordial system, born from a bigbang.

this beginning starts the moment i exit r-e-m.


wanderingcommuter said...


rapid eye movement? hehehe

neko <)3 neybz (weee! said...

ikaw na ang nag-climax. wahaha. :D

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