all fingers up for disney-pixar's up!

when an animated movie got the audience all “aaaahs” “awwwws” “hahahas” “eeew” “oooh” plus that sacred silence in between scenes i tell you, it is one movie made of pure awesome, one hundred times infinity, that you will enjoy to bits.

damn disney-pixar studios for giving me that roller-coaster of emotions and for making me teary-eyed at the moviehouse. their latest animated movie ,up, which follows wall-e, delivers a spectacular ensemble of stories, colors, dreams, and adventures that will definitely appeal to hearts of all ages.

the movie follows the story of carl fredricksen in his quest to fulfill the dream adventure of his wife ellie. one day he met russell, the wilderness explorer kid who insists on providing assistance to carl fredricksen in order to gain his final badge of “assisting the elderly” to become a senior wilderness explorer. when carl fredricksen decides to pursue their childhood adventure dreams of his already deceased wife ellie and fly his house with balloons, he accidentally brought russell with him, and together they fly across the skies and faced unimaginable adventures that will give the audience that roller-coaster ride of happiness, fear, excitement, sadness, and hope.

this movie overshadows my memories of the classic animated tv series flying house. well, that house flies and goes back and forth to biblical times and places and puts the characters to various adventures the bible way. anyways, this flying house is different. this is mr fredricksen’s house, and it flies with balloons and can take you to south america.

i raise all my fingers (feet fingers included) to disney-pixar’s up. watch it and be entertained. also, bring a hanky or a tissue. no, seriously, it could hit a chord or two to your heart that could set your tear glands loose. cross my heart. =p


Trainer Y said...

ill take your word for it..
im gonna watch that one with my kids...

wanderingcommuter said...

this is indeed something to look forward to.

lucas said...

i knew it. maganda siya. trailer pa lang nakakatawa na! ahehehe! ang cute ning bata..hehehe!

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