sudden period of tech slavery

it all happened just like what tyler durden said,
"the things you own end up owning you"

sorry to break your bubble of fantasy folks, but the friendster account you own successfully end up owning you. yes. you! you who rants non-stop about the sudden demise of the famous (mostly among filipinos) social networking site created to err make online friends- friendster.

the outbreak of protest over the past few days from people affected by the friendster outage only strengthened the fact that friendster has become a cult for its online members. it was fascinating how friendster’s online absence for just a couple of days generated clamor from almost every corner of the world wide web where filipino users are present. trust me, should friendster be hacked again, people who have made it the foundation of their online social life will create ripples of madness that can develop into a tsunami of insanity should their friends, testimonials and social networks have gone kaput in oblivion.

now don’t be surprised if one day you’ll encounter news of suicide incidents because of friendster. okay, that could be insane, but come on. hello?! he/she have lost his/her friends that he/she has build up for months! come on! friends are hard to find these days. and friendster is the only way. lol. i kid.

no, seriously, it was disturbing how people reacted from the social networking site’s absence as if half of their lives have been lost. it was as if they have invested their actual lives on it that the idea of it being totally erased in the face of the www has become a nightmare.

i do use friendster. i have one account there with a couple of friends and acquaintances. i use it for communicating with long lost friends and former classmates, but that’s just it. although i do miss the old format of the testimonials section where people would sincerely drop you their testimonials about you and how they perceive you as a person. oh well, that was like 4-5 years ago and friendster for me is just one of the avenues where i can establish contact with my network. it still works for me, yes, but that doesn’t mean that i depend my online and social life on it.

social networking sites did influence me but they have never controlled me, and that is for the simple reason that i own them and they should not own me.
i am no tech slave.


lucas said...

hahaha! i totally agree with you! some people even have multiple accounts! imagine the agony they're feeling right now. losing true friends. haha!

i have always believe that most who obsess with fs is somewhat superficial. people usually view or add you because of how you look... that's why i like blogging more because people connect with you because of what you think...hehehe!

peace out!


i totally agree... esp with that testimonial thingy... they've turned it into a "comment" thingy.

btw, i also only invite friends that i know.. not anyone i randomly discovered.

btw (part 2), may friendster ka? invite me. (lol. )

Ely said...

It has become a part of most people's daily lives, that internet surfing means friendsterring...LOL

Anonymous said...

aye... friendster is just one of the social networks out there that are for people who have no social life.

bulitas said...

@ron: i wonder if those people in their list are truly their "friends"

@kris jasper: yup. i really don't like the testimonial section's transition to be a comment box.

@ely: for some, yes. =)

@tres: hey tres! aww. well, friendster helps build up ypur social network but i think it will never suffice to provide your social life growth and development. =)

Anonymous said...

but you don't understand. it's really depressing. nah, just kidding. i certainly agree with your opinion about the issue. i just really hope that everyone will realize that as well as soon as possible for it's really an issue now

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