yes, they read you

this is one of the few reasons why i love blogging. if you will be just be patient, and
just keep that hope that somehow, sometime, your messages and your blog entries will be read, at least by those people or individuals that you've intended to write your post for.

*i just read this last week. this is ms kara david's (as the commentator claims she is) comment from my jurassic blog entry about her three years ago from my blogger blog.


Talamasca said...

Swell. XD

Let's just hope that it's really her. You know the Internet. Anyone can become, well, Kara David.

Holy Kamote said...

after 3 yrs?! wow, nabasa talaga ni kara david ang post mo ha.

sinong sikatchupoy naman kaya ang pwede kong paglaanan ng post? gaano katagal naman kaya niya ito bago madiskubre?

ah ewan ko. basta blog na lang ng blog. n_n

bulitas said...

iknow. haha. i'd like to linger the thought that it's really her. =)

@ holy kamote: oo. nagulat talaga ako! hehe. kahit sino? kras mong celeb, o kahit sino! hahaha. yeah! blog lang ng blog!

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