ash i like it

burn me when my heart no longer pumps blood to my veins.

somebody once told me how he wanted to be cremated after his death, and how he wished that his ashes be scattered to the running water of the river to reach the ocean so that the particles may be mixed with the water that most of the world drinks.

i know. it is such a conceited favor from the world but the idea of mixing your ashes back to nature provides a sense of excitement to that future state of an almost-total liberation. the freedom of the ashes is nothing compared to the boring confines of a coffin buried on the ground. you are sealed, seemingly preserved but actually deteriorating, and your body becomes an offering to the worms and other micro organisms down there.

should my body choose to resign out from the world, or when the world resigns out on me, i would highly appreciate it if all my beloved friends and relatives will burn me to ashes. no, never imprison my ashes inside an urn. please do me a favor and use the ashes wisely. each person who wanted a piece of my ash could have a grain or couple of grains if they want. just make sure you keep it safe like your heart has been kept safe by your ribcage. do find me a pilot (or any person who can go above the clouds), a fisherman (or any person who shares a mutual passion with the ocean) and a farmer. distribute an ample amount of my ash to the pilot, to the fisherman and to the farmer.

tell the pilot (or whoever person that is that can fly above the clouds) to scatter my ashes in the sky so that it could ride with the wind and travel to the continents of this planet. tell the pilot to throw the ashes as high as he can so that the ashes could reach the peaks of the himalayas and then soar over the african savannahs. then may some particles cling to the clouds for some time to be concocted with the rain to pour over the plains and the valleys of new zealand. then the rest could roam around the world and visit the interiors of the pyramids at egypt, explore the most hidden crevices at angkor wat, trace the great wall of china, chase the kangaroos of australia, rest at the shoreline of the beaches of palawan, climb the peak of mt apo, stalk my teenage crushes, guide my children and grandchildren, and blend with the air that the people breathe. from the sky, some particles of my ash will mix with your favorite starbucks coffee. some might be lucky enough to land on your vanilla ice cream or on your favorite sizzling sisig.

ask the fisherman to throw my ashes directly to the ocean to experience the world on its abyss. let the ashes blend with the ocean water and become one with it to sustain and satiate the thirst of the world.

help the farmer scatter the ashes together with the seeds of his/her labor so that it could grow with the food that can feed the hunger of the people.

It is indeed a vain wish from life, to experience life again, to be one with gaia, to be a part of the living cosmos, to be born again.


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about that, I felt cremation is most convenient, unless I die a hero, who's gonna visit me after 100 yrs. And me on an urn, I think that's rather creepy.

I am thinking my ashes would be great fertilizer, what is body anyway but a vessel of our former selves.

Talamasca said...

I wanna be abducted by aliens so I wouldn't have to go through the whole dying part WTF. ;-p

Methinks it's not just the being-part-of-the-earth shitmuss, but what people would think of you even centuries after your death i.e., Jesus' death or Buddha's WTF WTF. XD

Virginia said...

i'd like to be cremated too, then have everyone get pinches of it lol =) well, just those super close to me =)

bulitas said...

@jeeper; oh yeah. no urns please. hehe. tama! maging pataba sa lupa! hehe.

@talamasca: ahaha. don't you think being abducted by aliens would also subject you to death?

@virginia: hehe. yeah. well, i do hope you could control those people who will get a pinch of your ash

Talamasca said...

@bulitas: As a matter of fact, NO. The keyword here is "abduct," right? Meaning they'd just torture you and use you as their science experiment and when they're done with you (which is not a long wait since alien time and Earth time differ big time), they'd send you back to Earth. See? No dying! Don't you watch science fiction films/tv shows? Hehe. ;-p

bulitas said...

@talamasca: ok. sori na kuya. haha. malay mo mamatay ka sa proseso ng abduction? ha? ano? ano? haha

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