my condolences

she saw it before you did. a year ago she told me her recurring dreams about your miscarriage. it is still vivid to me how she recollected her visions of you being devastated by your loss. we both agreed it could be symbolic. not that we were skeptic about you being pregnant at all, but you know most dreams are symbolic. they provide you only pieces of signs and figures that you have to decipher in order for things to make sense.

we all know you can conceive another art overnight, but your loss is different. you have devoted over ten years of your life to it. you nearly committed social suicide by nurturing and nourishing your art. you sowed fear, induced hatred and shared inspiration to almost every life you have touched. you selflessly shared your passion. you rarely open your gates of trust, but you let us have a look inside you place. i saw the bitterness, the pain and the repressed emotions overflowing from every corner and crevice of your foundations.

i am sorry to hear you crumble like the towers of the world trade center. i am sorry to hear that she, your most trusted friend, might have caused the miscarriage for reasons yet unclear to me. you can do it. you are a strong spirit. you have crashed multitudes of towering ego before you, you have survived the waves of criticism hurled against you and you managed to exist in the island of solitude for years.

thank you for sharing your passion with me. i hope to see you inspiring more people in the future.

i wish you all the best


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ikay the dancer said...

soooo sincere. and yeah.. so deep. you touched my heart. lol!

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