tell me this guy's not blonde

ok. it was obvious that the perpetrator came from lipa city, batangas, but i could not help but think that the taga lipa are virus was just one desperate attempt to attract tourism in the city, or one lame publicity stint by a dimwit local politician, but i was wrong. it was far worse than i expected.

the low class virus (i say low class because it can be easily removed,and according to the reviews i have read from the internet, it was just an altered version of a virus released eons ago.) turned out to be a product of the narcissistic dreams of a pseudo computer connoisseur.

read this:

"Hello im Sonny from STI COLLEGE LIPA, the original creator of TAGA LIPA ARE! virus...Its a virus but it gives no harm to your computer. delete the virus you need to disable the "Hide Protected Operating System Files" in your Windows Explorer folder options (TOOLS - FOLDER OPTIONS - VIEW). Search the file name FS6519.dll.vbs (THE VIRUS) in your hard drive or just to make sure in your My Computer then delete the file. Note: On searching make sure you activated "Search Hidden Files and Folders" on more advance options. To get rid of the word "TAGA LIPA ARE!" on your internet Explorer go to your windows registry (START-RUN-then type regedit)Search the word "TAGA LIPA ARE!" and "FS6519" ..right click and delete. Your done...txt me for more info 09193093003 or mail me on friendster .... SORRY FOR INCONVINIENCE"

tell me who gave this guy the guts to post this message across cyberspace and give you half the amount of my apartment rental fee.

darn it. the only point i saw from the sonny guy for creating such a fuss in the cyber world was to tell the world (cyber world) that he's got the balls to make such virus, and that he's from lipa. pathetic.

aren't we, filipinos, tired of gathering negative aura from world?

this guy does not even have the right to do stupid things unless he had his hair dyed like these girls:

booby fights

oops, she did it again!

barbie dull
(since when did paris learned to stuff tissues inside her boobs?)

photos lifted form this website

*this post has nothing to do with blondes.
*generally, the barbie-like blonde girls were just victims of the stupig-brainless-girl stigma associated to them by the society.


abidubi said...

so basically, the guy's really stupid..

Anonymous said...

WTF? Is that Taga Lipa Are removal steps true? I have that on my computer...Am not a user of IE because am in to FF but when I started to use IE for testing my template on WP that Taga Lipa Are thing appear on the Title Bar of the IE....

Yeah! Pares, Pares Hiltone!!! :)

Talamasca said...

He makes stupid people look really smart. What a complete and utter douche! Please die. Ktnx.

Anonymous said...

Napasok na ng Taga Lipa Are virus itong pc na to. Since may WinRollBack, I just restarted it.

Boom. Wala na. :))

Oh, PARIS HILTON!!!!!!!!

Grabe, anlaki! :))

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