the following was from an sms i got from iske*:

height of poverty:
wife stitching husband's condom

height of innocence|:
a girl ap[plying clearasil to her nipples, thinking they are pimples

height of ambition:
an ant climbing on the leg of an elephantwith the motive of rape

height of unemployment:
a spider web found in a prostitute's pussy

height of laziness:
naked man sleeping on top of a naked woman
expecting an earthquake to do the rest
*iske is a former highschool classmate who is also a fellow in uplb.
he occassionally treats me with iced coffee and sms jokes.

whew! manuscript was finally done!


Talamasca said...

Classic! ZOMG can I have his number? Most people who forward SMS stuff to my cel are complete and utter fucktards. Pfft. :-)

Mike said...

Isn't it great that stupidity is indeed annoying and yet funny at the same time? I heard this joke from a friend from Miriam, and we went like..."Ampota." We all laughed in the end.

Riker said...

wow naman bulitas.... natawa ako dun a.. hahahahaha

Jhed said...

Panalo! Haha!

Anonymous said...

haha tae ang kulet! :)

Anonymous said...

tantantan! pupunta akong lb sa march 30. :) see you there.


congrats at tapos na ang manuscript mo. ihanda na ang sarili sa pagsuot ng sash na nakatatak ang UP.


Anonymous said...

wala ka ma-blog noh?hehe:D

Anonymous said...

Hahahaa. My friend Leoni forwarded it to me as well.


height of ambition and laziness.... f*ck. that totally cracked me up.

Jaja said...

champion tong entry na to!haha

sherma said...

i also received this message from my textmate na may pagka-malaswa... hehehe... natawa ako sa message na 'to...

silangan said...

congrats graduate na!

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