more shit on the ears

if you thought hearing bubblegum pop music from stations like 90.7 love radio, alam mo na yan 101.9 for life!, i-fm 93.9 and 102.7 star fm was too much, then hear this: what used to be 97.1 campus radio wls fm was now re-formatted to baranggay ls fm which plays music purely pinoy pop and novelty songs.

the re-format won't be complete without changing the names of the resident jocks from john hendrix to johnny baby, the triggerman to boss-sir-amo, hot lips liza to churvilyn and jimmy jam to atong bomb

now that's commercialization working over music quality. the radio station must have probably seen the need to expand to a larger reach of audience by making a 180 degree turn from the usual pop to pinoy bubblegum pop and novelty.

i have nothing against pinoy pop and novelty. the existence of such genre of music
has actually opened the listeners to diversed types of music which broadens their perspective over the various types of music playing in the airwaves worldwide.

what's disturbing with the trend is that quality music (what i mean when i say quality involves a good set of lyrics as well as an acceptable musical arrangement)was compromised with the need to generate profits from a larger scale of audience.

hearing more chipmunk and surreal distorted voices similar to mahal and on-air mockery with a high level of novelties like boom tarat and spaghetti can be a disturbing scenario in the philippine music arena.

the trend of radio station re-formatting was not new. since a number of radio channels emerged in the philippine airwaves, radio station managers have been changing from one format and genre to another, testing if they would click to the larger market or not.

fm radio, being one cheap form of entertainment available, does not necessarily entail cheap quality. radio station managers should reflect more on the quality of the music they play on the airwaves.
a dj friend from the former campus radio texted me over the weekend asking help to bring back LSfm to its former format by signing to this online petition:
on the the lighter side, i've heard the voice of king dj logan dominating the airwaves of magic 89.9 after taking years of hiatus. i hope the station would put slick rick and king dj logan back in tandem.
king dj logan has been one of my favorite local jocks since i've learned to appreciate the importance of fm radio in my life.
You liked me till' you heard my shit on the radio
Well I hate to say but pop aint' going solo
You liked me till' you heard my shit on the radio
But now I'm just too mainstream for you, oh no
You liked me till' you seen me on your t.v.
Well if you're so low below then why you watching
You say good things come to those who wait
Well I've been waiting a long time for it

-nelly furtado, shit on the radio


Billycoy said...

couldn't agree more! what's wrong with these radio stations and shifting their genre. i do hope nu 107 will not change too, if that happens it's the end of the world!

Polahola said...

haha logan is my alumni! Wla lang...

Anonymous said...

I live for bubblegum pop. I think pop it self is genius! I call it craptastic. But my taste is only limited to Europop though. pop pop pop! ;)

Mike said...

As one apparel brand goes, The only constant is change. LSFM did change the format temporarily for maybe a month three, four years ago but that's because they were updating their system, you know song database, all those stuff. Some kind of a false alarm thing for me. And Francis was still there, alongside with AJ and Dos.

Then now. Let's all cross our fingers for LSFM's bright - or bleak? - future. I don't think it'll survive. People are clamoring, foaming.

Virginia said...

i agree! i couldn't believe LS went with the flow! sabi nga di'ba they're the No. 1 pop radio station in metro manila, so what's their problem that they changed drastically??? favorite ko pa naman retro jam kapag weekends!

RV Vitorio said...

really pathetic for ls fm to go with the bandwagon of providing the listeners with crap quality of music. i mean, novelty songs can be great, but it seems that in status quo, they begin to have a hegemony in the music scene. a reflection that majority of radio listeners are actually the people who love those "crappy" songs.

dilimanian! :)

i tagged u.

Aaron Roselo said...

BLAH @ LS Reformat. bigtime BS.

sherma said...

i agree... it started last february 14... akala kung ano, pero grabe, change of format pala...

i remember they had done this before, noong uso pa ang spaghetti song of sexbomb and the masculados' sana mama but it only lasted for about two weeks. but they didn't change their names, they were just playing novelty songs. the listeners were challenging them if they could play spaghetti nga and they did pero ganon pa rin... ang nagbago nga lang talaga were the songs...

akala ko for valentine's day lang sya pero every sunday kasi i listen to LS for retrojam.. yun nga, ganon na pala ang format nya talaga... i wish ang RX hindi magbago...

Anonymous said...

I used to love Campus Radio, now.. pang-jeep na lang sila. Tssss.

KING DJ LOGAN IS BACK?!?!?! Wow. I remember the nights wherein I will stay up reaaaaaally late just to listen to "Radio Tabloid". Haha.

Nagpasa pa nga ako ng story dun e, but I don't know if it's aired.

bulitas said...

@ billycoy: NU changing genre? shite! imagine this: NU 107, ang bahay ng pinoy pop! shite!

@ isaiah: that's great!

@ mike (1): try pinoy pop! haha!

@ mike (2): the future is indeed bleak for LS

@ virginia: wah! maybe it was time for the the pop thing to burst! whew.

@ rv: the status quo of the state and music taste of the general filipino radio listeners scares the hell out of me.

@ aaron: big time shit!

@ sherma: let's cross our fingers for rx! nung nagplait yung 93.9 dati, na naging kc fm, nalungkot din ako.

@ jhed: "...pang jeep" -mean!
yeah! radio tabloid baby! haha!

Anonymous said...

too bad for LS then...

good thing i only listen to nu and rx (hoping, wishing, begging for them not to turned into novelty nor bubblegum pop)

krista said...

oo, kasi only public transport vehicles really "ef-em-ize" now. yung previous audience ng ls fm, may mp3 players na. serious musicphiles need not tune in to fm to get free music anymore (hello limewire et al). eh kaya ganun (novelty pop, heavy screamy rock, upbeat dance etc) naman yung type ng music at commentary na prefer ng dear drivers natin, kasi they need the music to keep them awake on the road. maybe jarred unpleasantly sometimes, pero awake pa rin. :D

it's always been like this in history. remember how video killed the radio star? :) progress kills, nostalgia makes you depressed. :D

@jhed - i so loved radio tabloid. :D

lateralus said...

to the person who wishes that nu107 wont change:

NU has already changed. it has already alienated a lot of its listeners in the late 90s (myself included). The fact that they included Hale, Cueshe et al at the Rock Awards a few years back show their yearning for a more mainstream appeal as opposed to sticking to their niche.

I dont listen to the radio anymore.

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