calluses and caress after the febfair

1. wearing a 7 ½ sized shoe for your 8 ½ sized feet

2. picking up the trash left on the freedom park grounds for a week

3. inevitable running (despite the presence of calluses on each finger and sole of your feet) to beat the deadlines and to meet with the people you really don’t like to meet

4. dealing with emotionally unstable people from all walks of life and compromising your personal comforts

5. denying yourself of sleep. yes, sleep debt at its finest!

6. tolerating muscle and body spasms before the attempt to rest every 4 am

7. thinking of ways to get even with a narrow-minded, short sighted, dim-witted and horse-like social sciences teacher in the university who repeatedly accuse the student council of things she herself did not know

8. having no time to do your manuscript, which is by the way your key to graduation

9. waking up late in the morning and failing to submit one of your major papers on time

10. being accused of rubbing your face in someone else’s boobs

11. skipping meals for a week- saves you money but burns your stomach

12. realizing the opportunities that have slipped away from your grasp because of the failure of your group members

13. talking with major tv network personnel who lacks in effective communication skills and work ethics

14. shunning away the recurring thoughts of your girlfriend despising one of the happiest day of your life-your graduation

*watching Philippine bedtime Stories for free
*having a participative weather for a week. thank god the rain didn’t pour at all
*pulling off the febfair despite all the glitches
*experiencing your pillow’s embrace
*receiving a hug from your loved one


Riker said...

i pity your show situation... LOL

Aaron Roselo said...

haha, I can imagine @ wearing shoes 1 size lower. kahit nga .5 lang yung sikip, sobrang sakit na e.

Anonymous said...

ouch. that febfair must have been busy, pero siguro enjoy naman din.

halatang kulang ka sa tulog: mali-mali type mo. wehehehe. or may kalyo lang talaga daliri mo?

:) daan. bagong blog!!!

Billycoy said...

hay kawawa naman... but the sacrifices will be worthy sooner or later.

ang masama kung hindi.

Talamasca said...

You poor thing! I pity you... NOT!!!

Just hold on and don't let anyone overwhelm or intimidate you and I'm pretty sure you will get there someday. :-)

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