roll of rants and roar

1 more shot, just one more and i could have won a brand new erickson k700i!
nah.luck was just not on my side yesterday.
i took off my chances on an electronic roulette at worlds of fun.
it was one of those usual try-your-luck games at amusement parks.
but unlike the others, it requires a pint of skill to get the prize.
the instructions are hard to understand(which i think was one reason why the machine was usually ignored by trigger happy kids) but i managed to get myself familiar with it.
i felt lucky so i gambled my tokens.
after 10 tokens and 20 trials, i went home empty handed.
i was just baffled by the fact that my lack of skill that day took off my luck.
i'll try my luck again next time.
it was really nice of the mrt administration to prioritize the elders, the women and the children by providing them space.
what pissed me off was the rudeness of the guards stationed on the demarcation line for those people.
the guards were driving people away as if they were stray dogs.
the admin could have made a bigger sign, a better sign for those tired people unaware of the new policy.
another thing, they could have placed the demarcation line/the priority margin near the entrance point so that the elders will not walk that far to reach the front car of the train.
the motive was ok, but the implementation was not.
i saw very few prioritized people who abide with the new policy.
to those people asking me to wear off my mask,
pretending to be my past,
excuse me but i don't remember any part of me (past,present or future) that has been detached.
well i tell you,
you yourself hide under your cloak of pretensions, trying to pretend that you're someone who knows me very well, but in fact you don't.
don't you ever speak of removing masks if you yourself is hidden with it.


abet said...

Hmmm about dun sa mrt , yeah oo nga maganda ung hiwalay mga lalaki at babae, bata , matanda. Im not sure nga lang if this goes well kasi nde ako sumsakay ng MRT ...madalang akong magpunta ng malayo e hehehehe.

Ann said...

alam mo dito sa place namin,ang sarap maging babae, kasi priority ka sa lahat ng bagay..kahit gaano kahaba ang pila uunahin ang babae.

sa airport naman dito,pag may kasama kang bata kahit andun ka pa sa dulo ng pila, tatawagin ka para unahin.

Talamasca said...

Ang swerte ko naman! Ang malas mo naman! Know that song by Pedicab? Hehehe....

Hmmm... MRT... I think it's a good idea, separating the male and female species. But, whatever floats their boat. I'm really not a fan of public transpo anyway.:-)

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