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I don’t have a clear recollection of my first encounter with Lea Salonga. I think it was way back when I was about to enter first grade when I first heard her sing the theme of the Disney motion picture Aladdin. Back on that day, I was sure I instantly fell in love with her, as well as with her genuine voice.

Recently, I saw her on an interview with Loren Legarda on her show Real Stories aired at abc-5 and she was still dazzling beautiful.
There was a certain part in the interview that caught my already retiring senses.
It was when Loren asked Lea of what she thinks about her achievements.
I was expecting her to answer the question in an instant, and she did.
She handled the question well by saying that most things in this world are temporary.
If you won an award in 1993, people won’t remember your award in 1997

Material awards and achievements are there to boost our ego to help us become better persons. For a certain fleeting moment they cloud our ego with pride; which makes us think we can do so much with our little achievements.

So what if you were elected in the student council? So what if you were a campus figure? So what if you won on the lottery? So what if you won a palanca?

When I die, I want people to remember me as a person, not as a walking encyclopedia or a blabbering achiever. I want to be someone that touched not only people’s brain cells but also pinched their hearts.

I want to be remembered by the relationships and connections I’ve established. At least people remember you as a person, not as a trivial entity that has just passed their lives.



hesperidium said...

congrats! speaking of lea salonga, naalala mo yung poster niya dati sa indio's? yung there are chuva number nung dlawang awards then ang punch line - "she has both."

psend naman nung pic ko sa purebeef. salamat.

sana may workshop/writing promt sa tue. :)

iFred said...

i wish i had the chance to watch the show :(

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