sundae's cool

the city lights, the burgers, the soggy fries and the hot fudge sundae’s supposed to be gratifying effects were all trumped by when started sharing their stories. i mean, i’ve heard those stories before. literature, film, and even friends tell those stories all the time but it’s just so different coming out from her. why? it’s fuckin sad. it’s like witnessing the blossoming of a really huge and beautiful rare flower then seeing it being trampled and stepped upon by people peppered with the devastating effects of uncontrollable forces. she forces a smile as she narrates their story. “well, i’m ok.” she said. but amidst the myriad of colorful streetlights illuminating her face, i saw tears. the story went like a classic literature plot twist where a friend of a friend got involved with a friend and then friends betray friends all because of love and well, other stuff. when we arrived at our destination, my ice cream transformed to a shake.

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