other things that come with a price

it must be her giant boobs. with its size, i can only imagine what power they possess to sense death and it’s accurate wanderings and visits inside my family’s circle.

“death, “ she said “…is very very close.”

she uttered those words after asking me if there is anyone sick in my family. dafuck.
she may or may not know. but like what she told me, death is really close. well, in that case, it may be either the three of us or none from us inside the family. it’s just a prediction, some sort of reading from her balls, crystals and well, mediums.
she texted me one afternoon.

“meet me right away tonight. there is something you must know.”

although the text gave me a pluck at the heart, i still feel a lil bit skeptic.

i rummaged $10 for her usual palm reading rate but turned out she never wanted any money. she just wanted to deliver the message to me.


but wait there’s more!

in order to counter the evil spirit trying to inflict death on my family, we must buy some stones and crystals. yeah i must buy them so she can do her rituals and then trap the spirit inside. so supernatural.

anyway, the crystal costs almost a thousand dollars so i declined. i mean, i really don’t possess a lot of money and i don’t have any budget for that. i thanked her for the reading though.

days after, she never stopped texting me about buying the crystal.
“gold. pure can pay me gold. “ she texted.

now the bitch reminded me of rumpelstiltskin and his incessant claims for gold.
lady psychic won’t stop texting me. each day it gets creepier.

so far, all of us in our family are still alive.

ps: the gap, the gaping void, the black hole cause by the broken, damaged tooth became a magnet of pain.

not p.s.: i miss you. yes, you. you and your wits and your sensibilities : )
you’re still one of the rare and few sensible people that i know

also, more not p.s.: if ever i am the one about to die, never forget what you should never forget.
you already know what that is.

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