first story of the year

“hey are you ok? should i stop? why are you crying?”
i asked.

“go ahead. proceed.” she said.

i am almost done when she interrupted me (still with teary eyes)

“it is so beautiful. kinikilig ako (you give me the chills of being in love). you narrate it with so much passion, happiness and love. it’s like you’re still in love when you tell me the stories.”

i told her the stories about the tigers and how they met and made beautiful memories. from the bookstore, to the coffee shop, to jollibee, to the museums, to midnight in paris, to the first photoshoot with the weird russian dude and his band, to the stage play, to chowking, to the hills overlooking the city, to wicked, to ka, to the philharmonic orchestra, to griffith park, to the zoo, to universal studios, to the bedroom, to the front gate with roses, to sushi koo, to the beach and throughout the whole los angeles and back. i told her much of all the beautiful things that i remember and will always cherish vividly. nothing can top this.

“it’s something to treasure. and i am really thankful.” i told her.

that made her smile and she hugged me tight and said “thank you.”

i didn’t mean to ruin her make-up. besides, she’s the one who asked me to tell her a story.

ngayon masakit ang ulo ko. sobrang sakit. daig angsakit na nararamdaman ng puso ko. sana suabog na ‘to. ang sakit lang.

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