favorite story

i love the lion king but that doesn’t come close to this.

this story involves tigers instead of lions.

this is a story about two awesome different tigers who met in space. from the vague, vast universe of space, where webs of stars, planets and heavenly bodies are present they were able to find connections: connections that transcends and breaks the time space continuum by breaking the linear flow of time. years, months, days and seconds became irrelevant as their connection deviated from the normal route of time. they’re apart but they’re together. the distance and the gap created by the years before they established connection was blurred in an instant. you know that phrase “it’s like we’ve known each other for years” yeah, that phrase applies to this scenario.

after a few days of creating various connections in space, they finally met. their first meeting started with wallowing in some puddles of coffee sweetened with greetings with creamy charms on top.

they exchanged tiger grins, checked each other’s stripes and wagged each of their tails as they assess the presence of the other.

the psychotiger felt strange because for some reason his guard and his armor retreated automatically. trust enveloped him and after a few hours of sharing stories and talking about the basics like family, work, ethnicity, favorite color, food, etc,.

the robotiger invited the psychotiger on a sudden journey. together, they ran and went to an island full of books. literature is one of the many passions they share. then they jumped to a darker jungle where they subconsciously defied time. together, their connection grew stronger, their grins bigger, their stripes brighter.

it was that night when these two different tigers who met in space finally settled down and actually talk about any topic non-stop. this could be the best night of the psychotiger’s life. it is fleeting, filled with joy and just fuckingtasically amazing. he not only met a friend, he have also met a really intelligent creature with a big heart. it made him warm; like, really warm from the core of his heart to the smallest crevices of the cells of his body.

after their jungle escapade, the tigers roamed around the city and bid good night to each other. time has finally caught up with them.

“ but what about happily ever after?” a friend asked.

that i do not know. but the tigers and their baby tigers know to make it a point to grow, learn and explore the various jungles and plains ahead of them together.

this, my friend, is my favorite story.

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