morning monologues

(beethoven's allegro con brio playing on the background)

c.  7-11 cashier lady with a pair of lazy eyes screaming "stuped! stuped!" "bolshet!" as a homeless guy presented her 3 cans of tuna without the intention of buying any.

o.  bearded old white guy wearing a tattered white shirt and black jeans walking back and forth towards the alley leading to the back of alexandria. "fuccckkkkkk!" "fuckkkk you! you piece of fucking shiiiit!!!!!!!!" he howls on the empty alley pumping his right fist on the air.

l.  an african american guy carrying a small gray bag is enthusiastic about narrating his epic tale. although no one seems to pay him any attention, he never stops. i don’t think he will ever stop until his hands and fingers get tired talking.

d.  a middle aged lady wearing a shirt that screams “reevaluation of expectations” on top of her humungous boobs preaches about karma, positive energy and the future. she finds a comfortable position at the rear seat of the bus and proceeds with her litany.

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