let’s talk about drugs

(the habit: there and back again I)

this is a post dedicated to the drug that makes me feel more human by giving me and my system a myriad of emotions.

the introduction of this drug to my life creates an adventure that challenges my imagination and stimulates my senses.

it makes me fly to remote galaxies and explore the uncharted depths of the universe outside the realm of my world.

it makes my heart run a race against a stampede of safari creatures whenever i take it to possess me.

although there are things, lots of things actually, that i do not know and do not understand about the nature and the composition of this drug, i still take it because i trust it. i trust my instincts and i trust the drug that it will never betray me ever.

dependence on the drug creeps on you after sometime. trust me, it’s inevitable. the effect varies on every individual though. each person’s genetic predisposition, level of tolerance, and susceptibility to addiction varies in relation to a wide array of factors.

sometimes, distance from the drug creates ripples of longing that sometimes leads to waves of loneliness. but like any other wave from the sea, it will eventually subside as it reaches the shore, or any solid surface.

you see, i love my drug. it gives me a natural high even more potent than narcotics or any other powerful drug on the market.

the thing about my drug is that it does not cost a cent- it's priceless.

your drug may provide your mind a sense of euphoria but it's never going to satiate the spirit and the soul like my drug.

your drug may yield consistent effects on you. my drug, on the otherhand, grows, develops and operates freely.

see, my drug yields unpredictable results every time, thus making each experience more exciting.
how about you? what is your kind of drug? does it start with l like mine?

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