once upon a time

fireworks paint the sky as if borrowing colors from the latest swatches of all the fashion weeks around the globe. wizards of different sizes and ages send currents of ecstasy to your nerves as you enter their arena. cherubs and sprites with unimaginable strength carry you off your feet to give you a ride a la rollercoaster. ringmasters occasionally give tutorials on how they tame and guide their respective beasts. fire dancers wearing wigs of blood light the scenes with the undulating movements of their body as they breathe pink fire over their glittered lips. ushers, wearing their freshly exfoliated skin, would wrap you in a warm glow as they lead you through the queue. and my favorites- the clowns wearing their smiles of infinity all around the place paint a glow in the dark smile to your face. this is the usual scene at the magic show.

i used to frequent the bi-monthly magic show housed in a huge carnival about 15 hours away from our place until someone drained the colors out of the fireworks, stripped the wizards of their powers, beheaded the cherubs, clipped the wings of the sprites, stabbed the ringmasters, drowned the fire dancers, skinned the ushers and slaughtered the clowns by forcing some gladius-like blade down their throats.

someone killed the magic.

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