friends discussing angelo reyes’ suicide via the internet

the act could pass for a romantic literary act no? committing suicide in front of your mother’s grave in the midst of a trial against corruption charges. tragedy, that’s what it is.

it could be a good scene, you know. the drama is there but it is forgettable.

does it answer or close anything? no.

i pity his wife who now carries the burden of proving the allegations against her late husband wrong.

i feel their sadness over death.

we always fall for pity over death. i don’t get it. people always express their sadness or sympathy over the death of someone on tv or someone who they barely know.

remote sympathy has a very limited and short shelf lives so don’t worry. after a few minutes people will resume with their lives and won’t give a fuck about death.

true. we’re all born to die.

and if we die will the echoes and imprints of our life die immediately? no.

you think there’s any retribution from death like those?

you think it’s a waste?

in this universe, nothing is wasted. that is, if you believe that most things are made of energy which is neither destroyed nor created. so in essence, death is a metamorphosis, a transformation to another form/s.


Unknown said...

It's just unbecoming of a soldier with his decorations to commit to the cowardliest way out. Something leads me to believe in his guilt. He wouldn't have folded otherwise.

lucas said...

that's a very intellectual perspective...makes sense. :)

Marlo said...

"does it answer or close anything? no." - very true.

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