vampire's blue flames and bloody tears

godric kinda looks like david archuleta don't you think?

"I'm actually older than your Jesus. I wish I could have known him, but I missed it." -godric, former vampire sheriff of area 9 in dallas texas


david.edward said...

so ur watching true blood? well, naisip ko na rin yan dati.. mas wala lang kulay si godric.. hahah
happy new year sa iyo! :)

Unknown said...

I couldn't haved cared less as far as that dude Godric goes, but goddamit, Bulitz, awesome, awesome banner!
That could easily have been the most fun I've seen today. And its making me want to take my clothes off. Well, shit, you know I'm a jerk, and the photography's beautiful.

Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

lucas said...

yeah! the resemblance is striking...

unfortunately, i don't watch true blood. not my cup my cup of tea i guess.

happy new year!

bulitas said...

yes. true blood is win. haha
happy new year!

you never fail to make me LOL haha
thanks for appreciating the banner haha.

apir from the city of angels!

happy new year!

diba? LOL
plot and teh twisted vampire universe here is good. :D
happy new year!

david.edward said...

one thing i notice though on your site, when you click some links, its taking a while and there is this slowness. and im not sure also what is causing them - widgets, advertisements, etc.. have you checked on this? :D

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