redline 609

it's not just his breath. it's his whole body plus the heat and the fumes it sends off the air that intoxicates her.

the smell is familiar. it's vodka with a mix of tequilla. it's a prefect concoction of spirits that stirs and summons the memories of her senses.

as she inhales the intoxicated air, she slowly finds herself transported to that all familiar territory that they used to share.

her heart beats faster. her chest rises due to the expansion of her lungs. his air is fusing itself to her air- finding its way through her veins, swimming through her bloodstream, and taking refuge inside her organs.

she lets out a 10 second sigh of invisible steam of relief.

the weather freezes most things outside but a dormant volcano awakens inside her.

her heart pumps intoxicated blood to her heart faster than she ever imagined.
he's with her. she's with him.

he's warm.

everytime he exhales, she inhales.

she's trying to take him back: the passionate yet savage kisses they plant on each other’s lips whenever they lock bodies, the inevitable copulation of their sweat giving birth to a new breed rich in pheromones, and the seconds, minutes and hours they defied by just being together- all of these she's consuming now as she sits beside him on the subway train going home.

hormones are now on the works.

she desires to kiss him, to suck his breath, to devour him. she's hungry for his flesh- his arms, his chest, his legs, his throbbing member, his hair, his eyes, his mouth, his blood. she wants to drain him high and dry. she wants to consume his toxic breath right then and there. on the spot. her volcanic desire is about to erupt. she can grab and devour him anytime but something stops her.

his breath.

his intoxicating breath.
his vodka-tequila fumes that also reminds her of that day when he sends her as a distorted postmodern work of art to the emergency room.

his body fumes, his heat and his intoxicating air, create a force-field of an atmosphere that keeps her from touching him.

she thought she found her way back into that all too familiar territory that they used to share but she’s wrong.

this man sitting beside her is a stranger. they have long been strangers with each other since he decides to make his breath intoxicating.

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