paid advertiser blog posts have been piling up behind the shadows of procrastination and random busy schedules. most of them are expired by this time. buhbye 50 sumting bucks. it's ok. i'm happy.

the minute lines of my hands are multiplied by the papercuts that i get in the office. i know. i never thought how a seemingly fragile, blank, piece of office material can inflict enough harm and pain that can distract you from your concentration.

i'm broke but i'm happy. (echoing alanis) hell yeah!

lots of blog drafts from the movies that i saw were on queue. at my mind. lol. i know it sounds bs. i remember when a former high school classmate was scolded by our teacher when he told her that he takes notes on his mind that's why he doesn't own a notebook. ok. i take a looot of mental notes lately. mental notes can be cool. it's just that memories are deceiving and often misleading.

is it really true that you blog less when you're happier? nah, false.
i do lots of drafts everyday. it's just that i don't have enough courage to publish them as they are. excuses. ok, i am making excuses. i am happy.

tomorrow i will go to the premiere of the black swan movie. i should be there early. i have to see natalie portman in person. badly. i am fuckin excited. i really like that woman.

the photoshoots i did with this fellow artist, model and blogger liliana alam was superb! she is a walking person of charm, talent and art. i will post some of the photos in my next blog entries. thanks liliana!

i wonder if people still read this blog. still, i am happy.

i met this ex super couple who both have bows of not screwing up anyone on their friends' list.
when they were still together, they enjoyed the benefits and the comforts of physical pleasure as much as they can. after they have broke-up. they decided to cut off the friendship ties completely. now, they claim to be strangers to each other. thus, the right to fuck as much as they want, anytime they want. they seem happier that way.

the incoherence of this quickie blog entry gives me shivers. just like the shivers i experience whenever i see that office person lick his fingers each time he needs to turn a page from his notes. so anyway, i guess i am not that cute little emo wreck (as baptized by momel) anymore. lol


Unknown said...

Incoherence was spot on. I didn't know how to begin, so I read it again and I have elected to touch these choice lines instead:

mental notes can be cool == they're better in print.

is it really true that you blog less when you're happier? == Nope. Personally, you blog less when you have a banging love life. Or your offline life has been harrassing you too much, you don't have time to complain about it on the internet.

i wonder if people still read this blog. still, i am happy. == Well guess what.

Cheers you Bulitz! Oh, I was supposed to say something about sponsored posts, but that mental note was blurred with the incoherence of this here post. I think it was "Easy, boy."

bulitas said...


cheers momel!

thanks for always leaving marks when you drop by.
highly appreciated!

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