cheese mumbles

common sense, history, experiences, unsolicited advise from close friends, literature, media and the rest of the universe would often tell us to pick that person who loves us more. in doing so, the chance of encountering any form of tragedy can be lessened. many will most probably tell you that happiness and luck will be at your side if you follow that advice.

but why the fuck does the human heart (most of the time) choose the other road and express love more than the other? the wind, as if, possessed by dear friend neko, whispered to me and told me to blame it on the innate selfishness of the heart.

the human heart by nature would always aim for its selfish desires. although the validity of this claim is subjective due to lots of factors like the person's will power, perseverance and level of selfishness.

loving someone more, at least according to an individual's perspective, somehow yields a sense of pride, a sense of fulfillment and a subjective form of security- then there exists a world and a universe created for the basic selfish nature of the heart.

although loving someone more makes you look selfless, it actually makes you more selfish by expecting more in return. it corrupts you by submitting totally to the demands of your heart's desire while compromising your personal needs and necessities. human heart is selfish by nature. it will, and can do anything just to get its way. if the intensity of that desire is right, the human heart can do impossible things from burning bridges, to building civilizations even up to destroying a universe.


superboi said...

i don't want to love.


Unknown said...

My human heart has your name, Bulitas, in its priorities of selfish desires.
Simultaneously, I yield too often and I have little perseverance where it counts. Sooo... I have no idea what I just said. It's a fiesta of contradictions, but at least we have an actual post here. I suppose you're back on track, you cute little emo wreck you.

Apir Bulitz!

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