writing keeps him alive

Rosenthal, a poet, never went anywhere without a pen. But he didn't write a poem. He wrote to his wife and his daughter to say he loved them. He wrote advice to business partners. He wrote instructions on where to donate money in his memory. And he wrote an account of what he believed was his last trek in a lifetime filled with hikes.

Ed Rosenthal, a prominent real estate broker from Culver City and an experienced hiker, was alert and able to talk and walk when found but was dehydrated and is in fair condition.

Read more of the Missing hiker found alive after 6 days in Joshua Tree National Park, By John Hoeffel, Los Angeles Times, Oct 1, 2010 


Unknown said...

One can take a whack at the utter absurdity of his circumstances; how do you expect us to believe he was sustained by writing? But then, the last time these dicks ever wrote anything was in college, that is assuming they did go to college, and that was to plagiarize somebody else's weekend homework. They never took to writing for therapy, and that is why they don't get it.

I don't read poems, but the name Rosenthal sounds familiar. And I'm glad he lived.

Apir Bulitz!

glentot said...

If I were in his position I probably would have written nothing because I have eaten my paper.

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