hopes and the theory of everything

now who said there’s no escaping a black hole?

for years, scientists believed that black holes can devour anything near it. if it’s a black hole that you encounter in the universe, there’s no escape baby. say goodbye to your existence. the black hole will eat you and bring you to that ceaseless void.

apparently, the english theoretical physicist stephen hawking found out that some things actually do escape black holes. positive particles do. read and study his theories in relation to the theory of everything to understand how positive particles can escape black holes. it all sounds profound and amazing at the same time.

the life of this genius cosmologist and his quest to find the origins of the universe is intriguing enough to halt your busy mind and consider his theories.

watch this nat-geo vid that i saw a while ago as i get myself filled with this evening’s happy meal combo: hawaiian maui onion chips, carl’s jr bacon cheese burger and ampalaya shake.

video courtesy of national geographic

on speakers as i watch tv: ben folds five songs for silverman album.
happy birthday librans.

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