moping the rain-polished streets

the sky fires down mini water rockets that kiss the skin like the cold breeze of fall. it is 60-ish today. way below average than the 3-digits temperature combo last week. i hate the mood of the atmosphere. this type of weather seems to slow things like that long-running teledrama that your family used to watch. this type of weather highlights your loneliness as you walk the drizzle-polished streets. the fleece hoodie that you wear involuntary absorbs the water weight as you wait for your bus. this overemphasizes the fact that you still don't have a car and that you’re miles to go before your goals, and that you’re lonely. nobody calls your phone. i prefer the stormy weather because it provides action. it slaps you hard in the face about the status quo and it makes your blood rush quick to different parts of your body, making you think, making you run, making you a lot fitter for survival. a stormy weather is like a rock concert while this mellow monday weather is a downbeat version of an acoustic gig playing nina simone songs. this weather leaves the spirit damp and heavy at the same time.


Unknown said...

Now, Bulits, are you trying to say "mopping," as in cleaning with a mop? Or is it "moping,' as in moving around slowly and aimlessly, at which it should be Moping On the Rain-Polished Streets?

What I love about the rain is that it's cold and conducive. I love it all the more when I can just sleep in because I don't have work that morning, and I can just tuck and fuck to my heart's content.

Apir Bulits!

bulitas said...

apir momel!

mope as in the latter definition that you gave hehe.

:) congrats you won teh litwit challenge again! galing! haha

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