make wish, find a partner

how do you wish on a wishbone?
i don’t know.

i encountered one a while ago as i solemnly devour my chicken adobo lunch. yes, lunchtime has been a solemn act for me lately- solo flight eating, rapid chewing of thoughts and incessant contemplation about whatever comes to mind.

the v-shaped bone appeared to me after i licked and ate the meat of the saucy part of the chicken breast. i stared at it for a minute. somehow, my heads feels light and my eyes blurred. my mind told me that this is the fuckin feeling of floating. is this the charm of the wishbone or is this the side effect of the oily adobo that i just had? screw this.

wish done. i did it

my mind wished for something that i have been wishing for a while. i believe that if you pray, wish or hope for something that often, you’ll have better chances of getting them granted.

i broke the bone in two and licked it. maybe you should clean the bone before you throw it? i dunno. i made my wish. that’s what matters right?

i finished my wish but my head still felt light headed. my boss looked blurry.

this website says that you have to have a partner in breaking the wishbone. the one who gets the longer end will have the wish granted. now i know. that’s bull. haha.

i get both parts of the bone. i smelled it, licked it, and made a wish out of it. so someone who eats alone in the office pantry will be deprived of his wish because of the absence of a partner? come on.

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