Ohio State Has a Shot at BCS Title Game This Season

I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips

The Ohio State Buckeyes gave their fans exciting games to watch in the 2009 Big 10 season but if I had my choice I would have preferred more blowouts and less excitement. The combination of an athletic quarterback in Terrelle Pryor and a methodical coach in Jim Tressel made for an interesting dynamic all season long.

Ohio State faced a visiting USC team early and lost 18-15 in the Horseshoe. The loss to a USC team that was lethargic and ineffective, knocked Ohio State out of the BCS Championship picture but that wasn't the loss that broke the Buckeyes back.

Pryor played one of the worst games of his career against Purdue, losing in a lackadaisical performance. After the humiliating loss to an average Purdue team, Jim Tressel unleashed Terrelle Pryor and let him run at will when necessary.

Now Ohio State Buckeyes fans are looking forward to the 2010-2011 college football season. I will be plopped down in my easy chair, watching my satellite TV, that I got after asking myself how much does cable tv cost per month, as Ohio State makes their run for the BCS National Title. Watching in crystal clear quality and being able to see the seams of the ball as it comes out of Pryor's hands and the receiver catches the ball falling into my living room.

Ohio State's season will be decided early again this season when they play the Miami Hurricanes on September 11th. The game will be an early season playoff game in a sense.

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