carpe diem at myrtle beach

thank the good heavens, summer is finally kicking back here on the coast, and guess what, my super party friend maria hunya puttanesca has never been this excited since the year started. more sun means more beach fun for us. as soon as the mercury rose last monday, miss maria hunya never spared any second to urge (or force, lol) me to hit to check on deals regarding myrtle beach golf packages. hooray hooray for another golf-filled weekend.

there must be some crazy way to veer away from the hustle and bustle of our city lives right? and yes, you got it right, myrte beach is the answer! our hadrcore golfer, dotsie is excited as a charged molecule to see all the other myrtle beach golf courses. i think she plans to set her foot on each of them.

each of our myrtle beach experiences yields a unique transformation in our lives. transformations that are marked by our journey towards one golf course and beach resort to the other. each symbolizes an experience about enjoying the moment and moving forward whenever we have to. “carpe diem!” we would always say. there’s always a way to survive this life if you have enough guts and will.

so this weekend means another beach and golf experience for us friends. maria hunya puttanesca sure knows how to throw and handle a great weekend getaway with a bunch of party people like us.

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