never mind the eternal sunshine i want that spot less mind

each passing day without a word reduces me into that tiniest speck of insignificant dust in the universe. mind you, the process is like experiencing thousands of a la samurai papercuts shredding you into pieces. tolerable at first but fucking painful as the seconds tick. this occurences of course made me symphatize more with jim carey's character and his longing for that eternal sunshine of the spotless mind as if erasing a part of one's memory can rid the person tons of misery. who the fuck needs eternal pain in the dark when you can have eternal sunshine with a spot less mind? how i wish memory erasing could be that easy in real life.


Kane said...

Oh God. I hate you. This is such a beautiful title.

Memory is both a blessing and a curse, eh? I hope you will be well. And learn to live with our memories, no matter how painful some of them can be.


bulitas said...

Oh hi there kane!

Thanks for dropping by. :D

Yep, there is no other choice but to move forward.

Thanks buddy!

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