Summer Safety Tips To Prevent Kidnapping

I appreciate the guest post, Quinton Mathews

Summertime is one of the best times of the year. At least that is how it seems, when the kids enjoy one great activity after another. However, in the midst of having so much fun it is imperative to keep the children safe from being kidnapped.

Here are a few safety tips to remember. Make sure that your kids are indoors at a reasonable hour. Then set the security choice alarm system. Also, when the children are playing outside, keep an eye out for new faces in the neighborhood.

If an unfamiliar car is patrolling the neighborhood streets, report it. Beware of your child is approached by a stranger who wants help looking for a pet. Tell your child not to trust that person, and that they should not speak to strangers even if they are nice.

It is also a good idea to teach your children how to get away from a person if they are seized. The vulnerable areas are the eyes, neck, and the groin. Teach them to poke at the eyes, jab at the neck, and kick the groin.

The best kind of summer is one that is not only fun but safe as well. Preventative measures will help your family sleep better this summer. Following these tips will help to keep the summertime as wonderful as imagined.

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