this city's weather reminds me of the erratic los baños weather. trust me, the weather beureau will go bonkers predicting the rain and sun patterns.

the temperature is usually high during this time of the year but the weather has gone rebel lately. temperature has been way below average for months and this has given many people an excuse to compromise their personal hygiene and neglect their social responsibility to at least share an acceptable smell in public areas.

yes, in this celebrity studded city located in a first world country, people seems to have gone lazybones when it comes to their personal hygiene. everyday, i have to endure the united nations of odors from various people of various socio-economic backgrounds.

there is a myriad of smells, but there is this one person that i encounter five days a week who seems to have a body chemistry that is in a higher constant state of turmoil than the others. i pity him. sometimes he smells nice but most of the time he smells fucking awful. his body sends out this myriad of smell that if given enough power and opportunity, it might revolutionize the present civilization and our preconceived notions about whatever we smell. the pungent smell of chopped onions dipped in vinegar is no match to his odor. his smell is a concoction of shit, sweat, spices, rotten fruits, spoiled rice, and hardcore curry. his smell can probably make jean-baptiste grenouille crazy and ecstatic.

he smells like the other people i encounter in the bus and in the train, he only smells "stronger." what fascinates me is that he seems to be insatiable with the effects of his smell to his environment. 
he would always smile at me as if he's fucking awesome wearing that smell. it's a torture whenever he calls me to his desk to run some errands for him. aside from the unsolicited smell, he also have this habit of licking his fingers whenever he would turn a page or get a paper from his desk. the desk reeks of of dry saliva.  

air pollution, dude. that's air pollution.

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