another beach party that will be an overall win

after the grand birthday party celebration of our friend maria hunya puttanesca in a myrtle beach hotel, me and my other friends decided to head back and party at some of the other resorts in myrtle beach.

one of my funky friends, jaliboi menses, suggested that we book our reservations to since jaliboi and his family have been there a couple of times, we put our trust under his recommendation. as we discuss about the beauty of the place, and our plans to play some other rounds of golf, jaliboi stirred our enthusiasm and anticipation by recounting his pleasant experiences at the resort. there are shops, amusement areas and recreation spots that will be perfect to serve our needs. the place is tranquil and the facilities are clean and functional. “it is an overall win!” said our friend who always seem high from organic and academic materials.

it would be better if only maria hunya puttanesca can join us again in this back-to-myrtle trip, but she has many errands to do, building her empire of dragons and castles of memories. ok, that sounded like something jaliboi would say. lol. but of course, nothing beats beach resort and golfing fun with your friends on a breezy, sunny weekend. i am loving this myrtle beach. woooyeah!


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