spring wears osiris

this spring, me and my sister have been on the lookout for some cool and colorful skate shoes and sneakers under competitive prices that will fit our budget. since most of our plans involve the outdoors (walking, running, biking, hiking, jogging), we decide to get something that is fashionable and durable.

one day, j, a close friend of my sister, came by to our house wearing some durable looking and colorful shoes. j told us he got it as a gift from his mom on his last birthday months ago. the brand is osiris. pretty cool name eh? the shoes must be cool being named after an egyptian god of the underworld. but aside from the word’s connotation with death, it also means rebirth and immortality. perhaps the brand lives on its name? we can never tell until we try it ourselves.

the shoes feel sturdy and durable but also light at the same time.

when sister and i went to the mall last weekend, we managed to try and fit a few of the osiris shoes and actually found them comfy. the colors and styles are also win. there are actually plenty of styles to choose from. you guys can also check their wide variety of shoes at

after a few tries, sister and i got our own pair for our upcoming spring outdoor activities.

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