open letter to the popstar who still believes that she’s a rockstar

it's comforting to hear your voice challenge the reigning chaos and confusion in the air.
just like before, you are an ever powerful force. describing you as fierce will always be an understatement. you are feisty. you are dominant. you are a fighter.
i was amazed to see the lengths that you've been. see, i told you. you will go a long way.

you may have been blessed with the gift of speech but that may not your strongest suit. the charm of your innocence is still your best weapon and armor against the world that will always try to go against you. learn to manipulate the atmosphere by allowing your innocence, your child-like physical appearance to do the work. sometimes, battles are strategically won not by force but by other means. in your case, you may triumph your wars using your beauty and your wits. .

use your popstar appeal to inch your way inside the bolted gates of the hearts of conceited adults. don’t shove me by saying that you’re not that type. dig deep into your psyche. rewind your memories. remember how you amused me when you almost dubbed the whole legally blonde movie because you have memorized the lines of the characters? remember how after heated arguments from the organization, and after a whole tiring day of work, you would force me to watch lizzie maguire or hannah montana with you? remember how you seemingly despise the pop ways of courting people with flowers and chocolates but secretly wanting to experience them as well? remember how you flash your favorite gryffindor jacket whenever it rains? remember how we used to laugh at the most mundane things? remember how you secretly fancy the color pink? i kinda missed that. indeed, you have gone a long way.

you have braved the path feared by many. you are fuelled by the air of your ideologies and principles. i believe you can emerge victorious if you will nourish and take care of the child inside you.

sometimes, it helps to hear that voice.

may the universe take care of you.

all the best!


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