avatar delivers, dubbed as the matured 3d version of pocahontas

some guy from the queue remarked: prepare yourself, this is not just a movie, it is a show! and indeed, james cameron’s avatar on imax 3d is one big spectacular show of special effects and cinematography.

forgive the all too familiar storyline. pardon the two dimensional characters. this is not peter jackson’s lord of the rings. but do try to suspend your disbelief for at least two and a half hours and you will find yourself in awe of the superb 3d effects (there are times when i find myself secretly brushing the bushes and the leaves from pandora’s forest. lol) of the movie that can almost leave you breathless as titanic.

despite its shortcomings on some elements of the makings of a great film, avatar still delivers. although the plot and the themes of nature conservation, the effects of technology on nature, the exploration of the inner psyche of the human soul, the testing of how far can the human mind go, respect over other ethnic tribes or groups, family and clan preservation, etc may have been rehashed into this film, you still cannot deny the fact that it succeeds in transporting you deep into the realm of the pandora. 3d or not, i think the film has made a breakthrough in cinema in terms of special effects. the film has definitely set a bar for films who aim to transport its audience into a new world of extra sensory experience.

below is one crazy take regarding avatar that i got from a fellow blogger at comparing avatar to pocahontas. take a good look and you might realize that the guys who originally posted this might actually have a point. lol

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leroy said...

oh shit. buti na lang di ko pa napapanood yung Pocahontas. at wala naman akong balak manood ng Avatar. k.


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