that sad scent

during the marriage of the mist of his breath and the cigarette smoke of his love, bvlgari lingers in the atmosphere.

when the grass bends on the pavement like a creature with hundreds of withering arms stretching towards the traffic of feet rushing for work, bvlgari dominates the air.

on that evening when time caught you grounded on a corner where all the people at the bus stop are busy talking with someone on the phone or with somebody beside them, the winter air that smells of bvlgari embraces you.

after all the colorful sparks of the fireworks of disneyland have been replaced by even bigger explosions of emotions, bvlgari stands as an invisible witness.

whenever each hug or kiss signals the sudden contraction of the heart and the split second freezing of the brain due to the word “goodbye,” bvlgari diffuses into the air and penetrates the olfactory nerves of the body for days.


lucas said...

it's amazing how a specific scent could invoke too many painful memories... it's sad indeed.

brilliant, Word Master :)

Anonymous said...

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