let the wild rumpus start!

wild things can roar, can growl, can jump high in the air, and can wreck nearby objects by will. they are creatures of impulsiveness who possess problems, who wants to be free, who longs for companionship, unity, family and love. although there are times when impatience and disbelief rules the air, the wild things love the company of each other. a wild thing is a creature composed of the dynamic unity between an adult and a child. your friend, your brother, your sister, your father or your mother could be a wild thing. sometimes, wild things come to that obscure place in the mind.

in spike jonze’s screen adaptation of maurice sendak’s 1963 children’s book where the wild things are, the wild things are presented as huge, monster-like creatures that possess human qualities and emotions that made them more dynamic and real. the wild things from the movie are creatures born from max’s imagination after his exodus from home. with their company, max is able to liberate his angst, his happiness, his desires- his wild side.

when max becomes the king of the wild things, happiness embraces him, but soon he also learns the difficulty of pleasing everybody. he then feels that he fails to maintain the state of happiness and camaraderie among the wild things that he established upon his arrival. he soon leaves and makes his way back home.

the superb graphics, cinematography, and screenplay make where the wild things are as one the best films his year that i will definitely see again.

i always knew i was a smart kid until i see max, the kid who knows many things, the kid who wears a wolf suit, the kid that bites his mother, the kid who runs away into the place of the wild things and returns back at home to eat dinner. i wish i was able to do something like that when i was younger and filled with angst. how i wish i could aww aww awoooooooooooooo all my problems and worries away with the wild things at my back.


wanderingcommuter said...

all of us have the same things runnig inside our head when we were kids. the chalenge now, is how many have we retained now.

leroy said...


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