y o u

y. o. u. is the abbreviation that sums up the thirst for a kiss, the hunger for a physical hug, the adrenaline rush of the beats of the heart that race against the seconds of the clock, the overwhelming feeling of happiness that coats the body exuding an aura even brighter than the shiny sparkly skin of edward cullen, the lust for adventure, the courage that is ready to take even ten folds the army of xerxes, the dreams transforming into realities, the natural high that i experience everyday, the arrival of new ideas from the muses, the throbbing of the head, the sweating of the palms, the re-evaluation of the senses.


y.o.u. is the abbreviation for =)


X said...

Naks. :)



lucas said...

naks...bulitas is inspired. :)

at kailangan andito si edward cullen...hehehe!

nice piece, yet again. i love your wordplay, man.

wanderingcommuter said...

naks naman love is in the air...

Yas Jayson said...

Religion is flawed only because man is flawed. :D

nice to be back in here.

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