angels and demons kicks the boredom away

men of god are evil, and that is the god with either a small or a capital g. men of god schemes, experiments with the particles of the universe to generate antimatter, hunts down any dissenters of their interests, kills the emerging threats to their power, will do anything to get and preserve power, and most of all, men of god will do anything to be more like god.

the action packed supposed to be prequel but turned out as a sequel to the da vinci code movie, angels and demons, shows some men of god in action. robert langdon the symbologist is back on screen, and he now sports a shorter hair. langdon’s adventures revolve around the documented history, the controversies of the church and the sciences. the binary opposition of religion and science is one of the main issues of the plot.

watching the movie reminds me of our highschool group’s thesis about celibacy the church’s inconsistencies with its laws and doctrines. i remember the vatican 1, vatican 2, and the catechism of the catholic church which i managed to read in a day and made me feel uncomfortable and uber sinful for weeks as if at any minute i will be burned in hell, and of course the interesting signs and symbols used by the church.

angels and demons revives my love for symbols, semiotics as my college professors would call it, and of course the widely published and the not so widely published written histories of the world.

in my opinion, this movie is better directed than the da vinci code because it sustains the feeling of suspense, it suspends the air mystery, and it keeps you wondering what would robert langdon do in case this and that happens throughout the whole duration of the film.

ewan mc gregor is one of those few good hollywood actors who will convince you of whatever roles they play. his performance in this movie is for the win! the moment i saw him, i was like, isn’t that the trainspotting guy and the young obi-wan-kenobi and the mister edward bloom in big fish? wow. he’s a playing a holy man now, he’s a camerlengo (italian for chamberlain) at the vatican.

ayalet zurer is that type of female lead that exudes the aura of exotic-mysterious-enticing-hot-geek-who will make you rawr in bed after teaching you a few lessons on latin, biology and physics.

as expected, tom hanks runs like forrest to chase the bad guys and to solve the mysteries of the illuminati killings while showcasing his a la sherlock holmes skills. no, this movie is not tom hank’s best yet, but hey, the lines on his face help add depth to his character.

fortunately, boredeom never dared to inch its way to my system while watching. i enjoyed the movie.


Yas Jayson said...

religion is flawed only because man is flawed. :D

watched in alone last night para makapag-focus sa details. okay na din ang adaptation. but the book is always the best. lmao

>nice to be back in here. home. :D

[nga pala, paki-bura yung comment sa YOU na post. mali ako ng pindot. haha]

addio. apir!

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