they say it best when drunk

ex college super professor is right, obsession kills.
a child’s obsession is irritating. adults will kill out of obsession if it proves necessary for their cause.
the movie wicker park demonstrates it in a nice way. it says that love and obsession do not mix well. not as cunning as it seems in real life, but yeah, obsession and its adverse effects narrated on film is cool to see on a hot weekend.
methinks that when you see a growing obsession in your yard, do try to cut it down immediately down the roots.


when sober, this friend is as calm a lamb. when intoxicated, he’s a blabbermouth from the underworld.
he doesn’t curse, but he releases the most piercing words that he can summon from the abyss of his subconscious. for instance, the lochness hiding under his soul screams about his grudge against his girlfriend who constantly hurts him. now that’s the power of alcohol.

old uncle henry used to have visions of a prince riding a white horse giving him instructions to dig the back lot of our ancestor’s house. the prince told him that treasures beyond our imagination lie beneath the bed of soil on our backyard. days after he discussed his visions with the family, a group of diggers dug their way beneath the soil for weeks. one day, old uncle henry got drunk and decided to stop the diggings. he said that each treasure to be unearthed will cost a life in the family.


Anonymous said...

We drink to forget.
Past, present, future of life.
Drunken words kills us.

Unknown said...

nice post. i think i'm in a dilemma. i'm not sure f i'm in love or am i just obsessed with someone. ;p

Monz Avenue
Mon Was Here

PS. thanks for the visit at my photoblog.

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